Jeb Bush Showing Hypocrisy With Anti Slots Gambling Campaing

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It’s kind of like a big brother syndrome. When your big brother gets something that is cool and looks fun, then you want the same thing. That is what is going on with residents of Miami Dade County in Florida.

Broward County has voted to allow slot machines at their pari mutuels and the result has been an increase in revenue generated for the county.

In Miami Dade, voters have repeatedly turned down the chance to allow their tracks the same luxury that was afforded their brother’s in Broward.

On Tuesday, the issue will once again come up for a vote with an initiative that once again asks for voters to allow slot machines at the pari mutuels in the county. The only difference this time around is that people have seen the benefits of the expanded gambling in Broward, and now want Miami Dade to be involved also.

Jeb Bush, the former Governor of Florida has been campaigning against the initiative. His main point in his opposition? Get this, and you might want to sit down. “Casino operators will make millions exploiting the poorest amongst us,” was what Bush says in his radio ad.

The fact that he put the word “us” and “poorest” in the same sentence explains the hypocrisy alone. Jeb Bush comes from a wealthy family that has made their wealth by feeding on the poor. So the guess, is that the reality of someone outside his family benefiting, is what is really driving his campaign.

If by “casino operators” he means school children in need of smaller class rooms and text books, then indeed he was right, as to who would be benefiting from the slot machines.

The truth, whether Jeb Bush and the rest of his self serving family wants to hear it or not, is that voting yes on this weeks initiative would move residents of Miami Dade into a better financial position, not a worse one, like Mr. Bush would have you believe.

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